This years event on 8th-11th August 2019 saw entries from Jersey, Guernsey, Germany and the United Kingdom. A total of 31 participants took part in a mixed discipline event held at the Jersey Pistol Club ranges.

The event started off on Thursday afternoon with the IPSC match which CIPSA (Channel Island Practical Shooting Association) kindly set up for us.

It consisted of five challenging stages, which was split into four divisions, Open, Standard, Production and Revolver. A Big thank you goes out to Alain Cabaret and his team for making this possible.

Friday morning was the 1500 PPC event, a 150 round event, from distances of 7 meters to 50 meters, where people try to score the maximum score of 1500 points. This event has six classes, High Master, Master, Expert, Sharpshooter, Marksman and Unclassified.

Saturday was more varied, we had the Police Pistol 2, Police Pistol 1, Service Pistol B and 9mm,

Sunday, the final day we held the Pocket Pistol, Service Pistol B, and the International Team Event.

Both Maik Murwig (BDMP) and our very own Mark Dubras were on form and managed a Maximum 300 in the Police Pistol 1  International Team Event.

This was a personal best for Mark Dubras. Well done guys.

The German team were on form and pipped us to the post in the International Team Event, coming 1st, Jersey, 2nd and the UK 3rd.

A Special thanks go out to David Brandenburger, Dietmar Hoenersch and Anna Milke for the wonderful German Evening held on Friday evening, Charles Murton for helping with the stats, both Steve Lamb,John Robinson and David Brandenburger for helping on range, as well as all the other range staff, also last but not least Gerry Weir and Family for the catering on Sunday .

We all did our bit and made this years event one to remember. Thank you all for coming and see you in Leitmar next year.

Link to results:FULLBORE OPEN 2019 RESULTS





This afternoon we held the Police Pistol 1 Handicap Competition.

Event 22


                                     25m        15m       10m           Total         H/C       Total      Position

Keith Videgrain        118            115           57            290             20          310                 1

Ben Videgrain           119            118           60           297                4          301                 2

Mark Dubras             118            116           59           293                4          297                 3

Rachel De La Haye   115            111           60           286              10          296                 4

Francis Devonald      113           115           59            287               8          295                  5

Thomas Menard        111           108          48            267             20          287                  6

Today 25th August 2019, we held the Police Pistol 2 Competition at the Jersey Pistol Club’s 50m range.

This is a 60 round discipline, with targets set at varying distances from 10m to 50m, with positions ranging from standing, kneeling or sitting and prone, also barricade work.

This is a two class event.

Police Pistol 2 Results

Class A  Results

  1. Ben Videgrain           573
  2. Mark Dubras             572
  3. Francis Devonald     559
  4. Mick Flynn                 556

Class B  Results

  1. Keith Videgrain       562
  2. Pieter Williams        549
  3. Thomas Menard     414

On Sunday 18th August we held the .45 Pistol Trophy at the Jersey Pistol Club 50m range.

This is a one class event and a total of 24 rounds, it is run under the same rules as NPA Service Pistol B.

.45 Pistol Trophy Results

Ben Videgrain        102

Mark Dubras           97

Bob De La Haye      86

Thomas Menard     81

Pieter Williams       79

Mick Flynn               78

On Saturday 17th August 2019 we held our Action Auto/Revolver Competition at the Jersey Pistol Club on the 50m range.

This event is always a break from the norm. It challenges the shooter to master his ability to shoot quickly yet accurately by engaging targets set at various distances, and from different positions.

Action Auto Results

  1. Bob De La Haye       100%
  2. Ben Videgrain           98.40%
  3. Pieter Williams         78.15%
  4. Thomas Menard       52.35%


Action Revolver Results

  1. Ben Videgrain         100%
  2. Bob De La Haye      83.19%
  3. Pieter Williams       78.77%
  4. Thomas Menard     50.80%

Today we held the Police Pistol 1 & the Service Pistol B Competition at the Jersey Pistol Clubs 50 m range.

A total of nine competitors were ready on the firing point, five in Class A and four in Class B.

The first event the Police Pistol 1, a two class event, up for grabs in Class A is the Eric Ellis Trophy and in Class B the Dora Ellis Shield.

In class A the competition was close between Island Games Teammates Ben Videgrain and Mark Dubras, they both posted an impressive score of 296 ex 300, both men were five points clear of their closest rival Francis Devonald who posted a score of 291. The winner of this years event and the Eric Ellis Trophy goes to Mark Dubras who beat his team mate on countback of X’s. Mark with 15 and Ben with 11.

In Class B, the Dora Ellis Shield goes to Bob De La Haye with a score of 282.

Straight after the Police Pistol 1 we had the Service Pistol B Competition, a two class event  for the Gallichan Shield in Class A and the Gallichan Trophy in Class B.

Mark Dubras wasn’t happy with winning one event, he carried on and added the Gallichan Shield in Class A with a score of 103, just two points behind him was Francis Devonald with 101.

Here are the results for both events

Police Pistol 1

Class A (Eric Ellis Trophy)

  1.  Mark Dubras            296   15x
  2. Ben Videgrain           296   11x
  3. Francis Devonald     291     9x
  4. Rachel De La Haye   282     2x
  5. Mick Flynn                 281     3x

Class B ( Dora Ellis Shield)

  1. Bob De La Haye        282     5x
  2. Keith Videgrain         273     1x
  3. Thomas Menard       262    4x
  4. Dimitri Halthwaite    255    3x


Service Pistol B

Class A (Gallichan Shield)

  1. Mark Dubras             103
  2. Francis Devonald      101
  3. Ben Videgrain             96
  4. Mick Flynn                   91
  5. Rachel De La Haye     80


Class B (Gallichan Trophy)


  1. Bob De La Haye            94
  2. Keith Videgrain              91
  3. Thomas Menard           86
  4. Dimitri Halthwaite         70

Well done to those who took part and congratulations to this years winners

Sunday 21st July was a glorious afternoon for shooting, and the Long Range Pistol Competition which was a one class event, was held on Crabbe Main Range.

This event really tests the competitor to the maximum.

This year was no different from any other year we have held this event, concentration, sight picture and trigger release is the key to the perfect shot.

Although the turn out was rather low, we had two class A shooters and one from class B enter the event.

As you will see the competitors made the most if it and sheltered from the sun.

Here are the result for this years competition

  1. Mark Dubras       218
  2. Ben Videgrain     136
  3. Keith Videgrain   86


Following in the footsteps of the men, our ladies have also been doing well in the Shooting disciplines. Both Mary Norman and Nicola Holmes have won medals in the individual and team events.

Well done ladies.

Mary Norman

EVENT                                                                                            POSITION

ISSF 10m- AIR PISTOL – TEAM – WOMEN                                   GOLD

ISSF 25m SPORT PISTOL- TEAM – WOMEN                               BRONZE

ISSF 25m STANDARD PISTOL – TEAM – WOMEN                     BRONZE



EVENT                                                                                            POSITION

ISSF 10m AIR PISTOL – TEAM – WOMEN                                      GOLD

ISSF 10m AIR PISTOL – WOMEN                                                    GOLD

ISSF 25m SPORT PISTOL – WOMEN                                              SILVER

ISSF 25m SPORT PISTOL – TEAM – WOMEN                               BRONZE



Jersey Pistol Club and Team Jersey Fullbore Pistol Shooters, Mark Dubras and Ben Videgrain certainly left their mark at The Island Games in Gibraltar 2019 with a nice haul of medals.

Both men were competing in NPA Service Pistol B, NPA Police Pistol 1, WA1500 48 shot match with 6 inch barrel revolvers, in the Open and Team Events.

Below is a list of both their achievements.

Mark Dubras

Sport                                              Event                                                                                                               Medal

Shooting                                        NPA Police Pistol 1 – Team                                                                             Gold

Shooting                                        NPA Service Pistol B – Open                                                                           Gold

Shooting                                        Revolver WA 1500 48 Shot-Max 6″ Barrel – Individual                               Gold

Shooting                                        Revolver WA 1500 48 Shot-Max 6″ Barrel -Team                                       Gold

Shooting                                        NPA Service Pistol B – Team                                                                          Silver

Shooting                                        NPA Police Pistol 1 – Open                                                                             Bronze


Ben Videgrain

Sport                                            Event                                                                                                                  Medal
Shooting                                          NPA Police Pistol 1 – Team                                                                             Gold

Shooting                                          Revolver WA 1500 48 Shot-Max 6″ Barrel Team                                        Gold

Shooting                                          NPA Service Pistol B – Team                                                                          Silver

Shooting                                          Revolver WA 1500 48 Shot-Max 6″ Barrel Individual                               Bronze


JPC Service Pistol A Competition Results

Today we held the Service A competition at the JPC 50 Metre Range.

This years winner of the Martin Ellis Trophy is Peter Williams


Peter Williams    (B)  129

Keith Videgrain    (B) 112

Francis Devonald  (A) 110

Thomas Menard  (B)  101

Congratulations go out  to Peter, and well done to those who took part.