Jersey Pistol Association NRA 1500 Results

The JPA NRA1500 event was held at the Jersey Pistol Club 50m Range this afternoon.

This was the first full bore event of the year. The conditions were far from favourable, but there were four people eager to get their name on this years trophy. Things started of very good for all during the first few details, then things heated up during the middle of the match,where only two points separated Francis Devonald and Ben Videgrain. In the end it was brought down to just one point, and this years winner is Francis Devonald.

JPA NRA 1500
Shooter                                 Scrore       X
FRANCIS DEVONALD        1417        50
BEN VIDEGRAIN                  1416        60
SPENCER BARR                   1405       59
THOMAS MENARD             1286       19  pb


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