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The Jersey Pistol Club is happy to welcome potential members to our facilities and will spend time introducing them to our sport – and answer any questions they may have.

If you would like to try pistol shooting, current legislation requires that you are a member of the club. To meet legislative requirements, we are able to offer you a provisional membership which allows you to use the club facilities to try pistol shooting – under careful guidance and instruction.

For those individuals who have decided to take up pistol shooting we offer a number of memberships, depending on your residential status, age, and familial circumstances.

Memberships and Costs

The following table illustrates the various memberships and fees.

Membership Level Annual Fee Range Fee
Provisional – Adult £10.00
Provisional – Youth £5.00
Full Member £52.00 £4.00
Full Member and Spouse £64.00 £4.00
Student or Junior Member £14.00 £2.00
Non-resident Member £22.00 £4.00
Non-resident Member and Spouse £26.00 £4.00
Joining and Late Renewal Fee £12.00

To apply for membership, please download the appropriate form below:

JPC Full Membership Application

JPC Provisional Membership Application

Complete it, and bring it to the club with you. Forms are also available from the duty Range Officer on any range day.

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  1. Hello

    I am moving to the island in August and would like to learn how to shoot as a new hobbie. I do you offer guidance and assistance?

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