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Email Directory: If you would like to e-mail an enquiry to the Club please use the e-mail addresses below:

General Enquiries:
Website Administration:

If you are addressing post to us, please address it as follows:

Jersey Pistol Club
c/o Mr. John Sawyer
“El Patio”

Telephone: If you would like to make an enquiry via telephone, please call:

Mr. John Sawyer, on +44  (0)7797 843 472

Location: The Jersey Pistol Club is located at Crabbe, in St Mary. Our street address is:

Jersey Pistol Club
Le Chemin du Catel
St Mary

If you are visiting us, you may find the map below helpful.

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  1. Hello there, i would like to join the club, i want to try it first and i would like to know how much would it be and how it works? how much is it to fire a gun and whether i need to make an appointment ?
    If i become a member how much are the bullets and how much i have to pay when i come to shoot?
    thank you

  2. Very friendly club. Visited recently with my nephew who was on holiday and we had a fabulous time here. The club’s safety regime is impressive and the range supervisors were very helpful and fully switched on. Nice calm atmosphere, looking to come back soon , thanks guys

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