What will happen on my first visit to JPC?

The Jersey Pistol Club has a very well developed programme of beginner training that will ensure that your first visit to us will be a safe, fun, and exciting experience.tuition

A first time visitor is, by law, required to complete a provisional membership form (there is no charge for this). Once completed you, along with other first time visitors present, will be taken to our club room and given a full safety brief and instruction on the operation and correct use of the .22lr calibre pistols you will be using. This typically lasts about 15 to 20 minutes.

Once the safety briefing is complete you will taken over to one of our ranges and provided with hearing protection (mandatory on our ranges) and handed over to the duty range officers. We usually have 3 range officers per session.

If space is available you will be introduced (on a one to one basis with a range officer) to the pistols and be allowed to handle and dry fire them (fire without any rounds loaded so that you can feel the trigger and practice aligning the sights). Once you are comfortable you will be shown how to load the pistol and carefully monitored during your first few shots.

Waihnin + John Sawyer at JPC, 28jun11For your first few sessions you will be closely supervised by an experienced range officer – all first time visitors whether they are novice or experienced shooters are supervised so please don’t be offended if you feel ‘watched’.

There may be occasions where the range is already in use by novice shooters and so there may be times where you have to wait for a space to become available. We always try to keep groups and families together on the firing line where possible.


For full details on Visiting us for the first time please view the page titled ‘First Visit to JPC?’