ISSF Classic Rapidfire Rules and Course of Fire

The following are the rules, regulations, and course of fire governing ISSF Classic Rapidfire Competitions held by the Jersey Pistol Club.

  • Any .22  pistol or revolver,  which complies with  pre-2005 ISSF regulations
  • New International Rapid Fire Targets
Shooting Distances:
  • 25 metres
  • This competition will be conducted in the spirit of current ISSF Regulations
  • Each competitor is deemed to know the course of fire and the regulations relating to the pistols and conduct of the competition.
Course of Fire:
  • Sixty (60) competition shots, divided into two courses, each of thirty (30) shots
  • Each course is subdivided into six (6) series of five (5) shots each, two (2) in eight (8) seconds, two (2) in six (6) seconds and two (2) in four (4) seconds
  • The first course must be completed before the second course may begin.
  • Before the beginning of each thirty (30) shot course, the competitor may fire one (1) sighting series of five (5) shots in eight (8) seconds.
  • There shall be no break between the two half-courses.

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