Pocket Pistol Rules and Course of Fire

The following are the rules, regulations, and course of fire governing Pocket Pistol Competitions held by the Jersey Pistol Club.

  • Any centrefire pistol or revolver with a barrel length not more than three (3) inches.
  • The firearm must be a recognised ‘pocket’ firearm, and not a short barrelled large frame pistol.
  • The Pistol must fit an 8″ x 5½” control box.
  • The competition Range Officer will be the sole judge of eligibility.
  • Any metal sights which may be adjustable, any colour
  • Orthoptics not allowed
  • Any wood, plastic or rubber grips which properly pit the pistol
  • Orthopaedic-type grips are not allowed in this competition
  • Any safety that is fitted must operate
  • In the opinion of the Range Officer the Trigger must be safe
  • Standing.
  • Both hands may be used to hold or steady the Pistol.
  • PS 14
  • One per competitor
Shooting Distances:
  • 25 metres
  • This competition will be conducted in the spirit of current ISSF Regulations.
  • Each competitor is deemed to know the course of fire, the regulations relating to the pistols, and conduct of the competition.
Course of Fire:
  • Thirty (30) shot precision course on the International Precision Target:
    • Six (6) series of five (5) shots
    • Five (5) minutes for each series.
    • A series of sighting shots in a five (5) minute period may be fired prior to the Competition series.
  • Thirty (30) shot rapid fire course on the International Rapid Fire Target:
    • Six (6) series of five (5) shots.
    • During each series the target appears five (5) times, each time for three (3) seconds, with a seven (7) second pause between each appearance.
    • One (1) shot to be fired during each appearance.
    • There is no sighting series.

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