A Précis of the Range Rules

The following is a synopsis of some of the key range rules. The full range rules may be downloaded in or media section (tag: rules).

  • The names of all shooters must be entered on the range or competition sheet and a range fee collected.
  • A Range Officer must be in attendance at all times when shooting is in progress.
  • Normal general shooting sessions should generally be timed at about 10 minutes per detail.
  • Range Officers should brief all newcomers on range safety and general conduct, and a record of the briefing entered on the back of the Provisional Membership Card.
  • Only shooters and those giving instructions should occupy the firing booths.
  • Firearms may not be handled between the orders Bench Firearms or Bench Pistols and Load without the express permission of the Range Officer, and at no time when anyone is forward of the firing line.
  • Loaded magazines and speed loaders must not be left on the firing point.
  • No one is permitted in the firing booths whilst anyone is down range. When the Range Officer gives the order to unload, all shooters must vacate the firing booths in order to give the Range Officer a clear area in which to check the firearms.
  • Visitors and spectators must not distract shooters whilst shooting is in progress and should remain at the back of the firing point (preferably seated).

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