Following in the footsteps of the men, our ladies have also been doing well in the Shooting disciplines. Both Mary Norman and Nicola Holmes have won medals in the individual and team events.

Well done ladies.

Mary Norman

EVENT                                                                                            POSITION

ISSF 10m- AIR PISTOL – TEAM – WOMEN                                   GOLD

ISSF 25m SPORT PISTOL- TEAM – WOMEN                               BRONZE

ISSF 25m STANDARD PISTOL – TEAM – WOMEN                     BRONZE



EVENT                                                                                            POSITION

ISSF 10m AIR PISTOL – TEAM – WOMEN                                      GOLD

ISSF 10m AIR PISTOL – WOMEN                                                    GOLD

ISSF 25m SPORT PISTOL – WOMEN                                              SILVER

ISSF 25m SPORT PISTOL – TEAM – WOMEN                               BRONZE



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