Police Pistol 1 & Service B Results

Today we held the Police Pistol 1 & the Service Pistol B Competition at the Jersey Pistol Clubs 50 m range.

A total of nine competitors were ready on the firing point, five in Class A and four in Class B.

The first event the Police Pistol 1, a two class event, up for grabs in Class A is the Eric Ellis Trophy and in Class B the Dora Ellis Shield.

In class A the competition was close between Island Games Teammates Ben Videgrain and Mark Dubras, they both posted an impressive score of 296 ex 300, both men were five points clear of their closest rival Francis Devonald who posted a score of 291. The winner of this years event and the Eric Ellis Trophy goes to Mark Dubras who beat his team mate on countback of X’s. Mark with 15 and Ben with 11.

In Class B, the Dora Ellis Shield goes to Bob De La Haye with a score of 282.

Straight after the Police Pistol 1 we had the Service Pistol B Competition, a two class event  for the Gallichan Shield in Class A and the Gallichan Trophy in Class B.

Mark Dubras wasn’t happy with winning one event, he carried on and added the Gallichan Shield in Class A with a score of 103, just two points behind him was Francis Devonald with 101.

Here are the results for both events

Police Pistol 1

Class A (Eric Ellis Trophy)

  1.  Mark Dubras            296   15x
  2. Ben Videgrain           296   11x
  3. Francis Devonald     291     9x
  4. Rachel De La Haye   282     2x
  5. Mick Flynn                 281     3x

Class B ( Dora Ellis Shield)

  1. Bob De La Haye        282     5x
  2. Keith Videgrain         273     1x
  3. Thomas Menard       262    4x
  4. Dimitri Halthwaite    255    3x


Service Pistol B

Class A (Gallichan Shield)

  1. Mark Dubras             103
  2. Francis Devonald      101
  3. Ben Videgrain             96
  4. Mick Flynn                   91
  5. Rachel De La Haye     80


Class B (Gallichan Trophy)


  1. Bob De La Haye            94
  2. Keith Videgrain              91
  3. Thomas Menard           86
  4. Dimitri Halthwaite         70

Well done to those who took part and congratulations to this years winners

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