Jersey Pistol Association Police Pistol 2 Results

This afternoon the annual JPA PP2 event was held at the Jersey Pistol Club 50m range.

The weather forecast for the afternoon was a sunny with the risk of a shower, lets hope it holds out for a good afternoons competition.

This is a one class event, so everyone that entered had a chance to win the trophy.

Everything started off really well in detail one (10m) with only a few points separating the main contenders. Francis Devonald was able to edge in front with a score of 117, ex 120, with Mick Flynn and Ben Videgrain following closely behind on 116, Spencer Barr one point behind them on 115, followed by Thomas Menard 112, Keith Videgrain 108 and Bob De La Haye 104.

By the end of detail two (50m) things changed around, Spencer came back with 221 ex 240 , just two points behind him was Ben 219, Francis 202, Bob 201, Mick 194, Keith 191 and Thomas 174.

As the sky turned grey we entered into the final detail (25m), would the rain hold off long enough for the competitors to complete the event ?

Only just !!!!

The heavens opened up on us just as we had finished scoring the final target.

Ben posted a final score of 238, three points back was Mick 235, Francis 231, Spencer 230, Keith 217, Bob 216 and Thomas 188.

The final results of this years competition are as follows;

Ben Videgrain           573     x13

Spencer Barr             566     x9

Francis Devonald     550     x9

Mick Flynn                  545     x11

Bob De La Haye        521     x4

Keith Videgrain         516    x2

Thomas Menard       474     x2      pb

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