Long Range Pistol Comp Results

                           We have just had our first Full Bore event (LRP) of the year on 19th July 2020 on Crabbe Main Range 100yds.

It was slightly overcast, with a slight westerly breeze. Conditions did improve during the competition.

It was good to see some new faces on range for this challenging event which we hold only once a year.

The competition consists of a 60 shot match with 5 sighting shots prior to the first detail, Competitors are allowed to use a centrefire pistol or revolver. with a barrel length not exceeding 10 inches chambered for commercially available pistol calibres only .300 to .500 calibre. Targets used were Wessex, one per competitor.

After the first half of the competition, Rachel de La Haye was out in the lead with an impressive 96 points, Spencer Barr 86, Ben Videgrain 75, Pieter Williams 73, Keith Videgrain 67, Thomas Menard 63, Bob De La Haye 59.

The second half, Spencer Barr was out in the lead with 118 points, Ben Videgrain 110, Thomas Menard 81, Pieter Williams 78, Rachel de La Haye 77, Keith Videgrain 76, Bob De La Haye 68.

The Winner of this years event and awarded the Cabot Cup  Spencer Barr

  1. Spencer Barr               86,118 = 204
  2. Ben Videgrain             75,110 = 185
  3. Rachel de La Haye      96,77  = 173
  4. Pieter Williams            73,78  = 151
  5. Thomas Menard          63,81  = 144
  6. Keith Videgrain           67,76  = 143
  7. Bob De La Haye          59,68  = 127

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