Today we held the 9mm Pistol Competition at the Jersey Pistol Club on our 25m Range.

The competition is conducted in the spirit of ISSF Regulations.

The competition is conducted in three consecutive courses of 20 shots each. Each course consists

of four 5 shot series.

The Awards for the event are as follows, Class A : The Mike Kemp Cup and in Class B: The Class B Shield.

Conditions on range were a bit chilly at times with that northerly wind coming in on us.

There were six takers for this event, two in Class B and four in Class A.

Here are the results of today’s competition;

Class A                             150 sec  20 sec   10 sec   Total 

  1.  Ben Videgrain               193         178         193        564      MIKE KEMP CUP
  2.  Mick Flynn                      189         181         182        552
  3.  Keith Videgrain            194          192         157        543
  4.  Francis Devonald         178          162         165        505

Class B

  1. Sumit Singh                     194         189         183         566      CLASS B SHIELD
  2. Bob De La Haye             166          159         148        473

Congratulations go out to the winners.

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