JPC Pocket Pistol Trophy Competition Results

On Sunday 13th June we held our Pocket Pistol event on the 25m Bob Blake Range. The weather was absolutely perfect.

This event is for any centrefire pistol or revolver with a barrel length not more than THREE inches. The firearm must be a recognised Pocket firearm and not a short barrelled large frame pistol. Any metal sights which may be adjustable , any colour.

The course of fire; 30 shots precision, 6 series of five shots, 5 minutes for each series. A series of sighting shots in a 5 minute period may be fired prior to the competition series.

30 shots rapid fire in 6 series of 5 shots. During each series, the target appears 5 times, each time for 3 seconds with a 7 second delay between appearances, one shot to be fired during each appearance of the target.

This is shot at 25m, standing, both hands may be used to hold or steady the pistol.

This competition will be conducted in the spirit of current ISSF regulations. Each competitor is deemed to know the course of fire and the regulations relating to the pistols and conduct of the competition.

There were eight competitors eager to get their hands on the Pocket Pistol Trophy.

After the Precision series was completed, Ben Videgrain was out in the lead posting a score of 291 ex 300, just three points behind him was Pieter Williams with 288 ex 300, and Keith Videgrain was just one point behind with 287 ex 300.

The Rapid series saw things change, Ben was still out in the lead posting his final score of 282 ex 300, Keith just nine points behind with 273 ex 300 and Pieter 251 ex 300.


The Results of this years Pocket Pistol Trophy Competition.

  1. Ben Videgrain: 291-282 = 573 pb
  2. Keith Videgrain: 287-273 = 560
  3. Pieter Williams: 288-251 = 539
  4. Thomas Menard: 278-239 = 517 pb
  5. Hugh Cummings: 274-228 – 502
  6. Rachel De La Haye: 279-209 = 488
  7. Gerard Baudins: 277-186 = 463
  8. Bob De La Haye: 239-216 = 455

Congratulations go out to this years winner and well done to the others that took part.

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