Sunday 27th Feb 2022 was the beginning of the JPC Full Bore season and we started with the  JPA NRA 1500 Trophy. This is a 150 round match, shot from various distances, 10,15,25,50yds. The sun was out but it was a bit fresh at times. It was great turn out, with nine competitors all wanting to get their hands on the first trophy of the year, but who would be the lucky one.

The Results

             SHOOTER                      SCORE                         X’s
BEN VIDEGRAIN                      1422                         59
RACHEL LEBACLE                      1405                         32
MICK FLYNN                      1388                         32
SPENCER BARR                      1374                         37
FRANCIS DEVONALD                      1370                         38
KEITH VIDEGRAIN                      1341                         41
BOB DE LA HAYE                      1322                         29
ANDREW RUELLAN                      1301                         17
HUGH CUMMINGS                      1266                         16


Well done to all that entered this event and Congratulations go out to this years winner.

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