JPC N.R.A. Service Pistol A Comp

On Sunday 17th April we held the JPC N.R.A. Service Pistol A Competition for the Martyn Ellis  Trophy.

PISTOLS:  A 9mm Browning self-loading pistol, as issued to the British and Commonwealth services, or an approved 9mm Browning with fixed sights privately owned.
SIGHTS:   Non-adjustable, fixed metal sights, which may be black or white but not coloured. Orthoptics are not allowed.
GRIPS:     Plastic or wood, as issued, but no whipping or binding is allowed.
SAFETY:   The standard safety-catch and magazine safety must both operate.
TRIGGER: Minimum pull 5lbs. (NRA rule 174).
HOLSTERS: Only holsters which securely retain the pistol with fastening strap or flap may be used.
AMMUNITION: 40 rounds to be supplied by the competitor, Magazines to be loaded with 10 rounds only for each practice.
TARGETS:  Two Fig 11/92 per competitor.
SHOOTING DISTANCE: 25, 20, 15 and 10 Metres.
RULES: This competition will be run in accordance with N.R.A. Service Pistol Rules, but conditions may be varied for reasons of safety or if required by range operating conditions.

The Results

1) FRANCIS DEVONALD   134      Winner of The Martyn Ellis Trophy
2) BEN VIDEGRAIN           89
3) BOB DE LA HAYE          73
4) HUGH CUMMINGS        69
5) MICK FLYNN                66

Congratulations go out to this years winner & thank you to all those that turned out for this event.

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