NRA 1500 Trophy

On the 7th May we held the NRA1500 Trophy Match on our 50m range. The turnout was lower than previous years, but those who did enter were keen and in good spirit. Both Ben Videgrain and his father Keith were on top form, with Keith posting a P.B. Just shows that the more time you spend on range pays dividends in the long run. Who would be this years winner, well it was close and with only three points in it.



NRA 1500 TROPHY 2023
Shooters Name Scrore X MATCH      5 X
BEN VIDEGRAIN 1414 49 570 16
        KEITH VIDEGRAIN  PB  1411 45 553 17
RACHEL LEBACLE 1398 35 563 14
 MICK FLYNN 1293 21 504 6
HUGH CUMMINGS 1258 19 486 10
CHRIS GARBUTT 1191 17 503 9


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