.45 Pistol Competition Results

Today we held our .45 Pistol  Competition on the Jpc 25m Range for the Irish Trophy.

This event consists of 24 rounds shot at different distances, from 25m down to 10m

PISTOLS:    Any centrefire pistol or revolver. .45 through .455 calibre.
SIGHTS:      Any metallic, orthoptics are not allowed.
GRIPS:        Orthopaedic-type grips are not allowed in this competition.
SAFETY:     Any safety that is fitted must operate.
TRIGGER:   In the opinion of the Range Officer the Trigger must be safe.
AMMUNITION:   24 rounds to be supplied by the competitor.
Magazines to be loaded with 6 rounds only for
each practise.

TARGETS:      Two x Fig 11/92 per competitor.
SHOOTING DISTANCE:  25m, 20m, 15m &10 metres.
RULES:    NPA & NRA Rules apply.

25m: 6 shots on left target in 15 seconds.
20m: 6 shots 3 on each target in 10 seconds.
15m: 6 shots on right target:
The target will make three appearances of 3 secs, two shots to be fired at
each appearance. The “away” time will be approx. 5 secs. Pistol to be
returned to the “ready” position between appearances.
10m: 6 shots, 3 on each target in 6 seconds.

Competition Results

  1. Ben Videgrain     99
  2. Mark Dubras        93
  3. Keith Videgrain   89
  4. Sumit Singh          78
  5. Thomas Menard  59

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