On Saturday 21st August we held our Action Auto (The Kozangas Trophy) & Action Revolver Trophy (Bimbo trophy) Competitions on the JPC 50m Range.

Five competitors turned up for this challenging event, which is shot from four different bays at multiple distances.

The Results

Action Auto:                         %

  1. Ben Videgrain               100         WINNER OF THE KOZANGAS TROPHY
  2. Keith Videgrain               88
  3. Pieter Williams                61
  4. Thomas Menard              32
  5. Hugh Cummings             15

Action Revolver:                   %

  1. Keith Videgrain              100         WINNER OF THE BIMBO TROPHY
  2. Ben Videgrain                 98
  3. Pieter Williams                69
  4. Hugh Cummings              55
  5. Thomas Menard               50


Congratulations go out to this years winners, well done to all that took part.

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