PP1 Handicap Competition

Yesterday we held our last full bore event of the year, the Police Pistol 1 Handicap Competition on the JPC 50m range. There were five entries, all keen on getting their hands on the last piece of silverware of the season.

This event is a 30 round match, shot at various distances from 25m,15m,10m.                                              Rules: Competitors will be handicapped using previous 12 month scores.                                                Practice 1: 25m, 12 shots in 2 minutes(to include reloading)

Practice 2: 15m, 12 shots, in strings of 6. The targets will make 6 appearances of 2 seconds, one shot only to be fired at each appearance. This practice will be shot twice.

Practice 3: 10m, 6 shots. The target will make 3 appearances of 2 seconds, two shots to be fired at each appearance.

The Results

Shooter Name    Score        X     Handicap     Total     Position
HUGH CUMMINGS      282        4         30      312        1
BOB DE LA HAYE      271        3         30      301        2
BEN VIDEGRAIN      295       14          6      301        2
KEITH VIDEGRAIN      289        9         11      300        3
SUMIT SINGH      290        9          5      295        4

Congratulations goes out to this years winner Hugh Cummings, who will receive The Bumbles Trophy.


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