The 1500 Trophy

On Sunday 8th May we held The 1500 Competition at the JPC 50 meter range for the George Blake Trophy in Class A or the Class B 1500 Shield. Seven people were on the firing line for this event, all keen to get their hands on the hardware.

PISTOLS: Any revolver, semi auto pistol .32 cal or larger.
TRIGGER: Single action pull must exceed 2.5lb.
SIGHTS: Any metal sights which may be adjustable, any colour. Orthoptics not allowed.
GRIPS: Orthopaedic-type grips are not allowed in this competition.
HOLSTERS: Only conventional waist-belt holsters with no ties are permitted.
AMMUNITION: 150 rounds to be supplied by the competitor, hand or factory-loaded; all loading from rounds contained in competitor’s pocket, cartridge belt, mechanical loaders or belt pouches. No high-speed or magnum ammunition permitted.
POSITION: Standing, sitting (both buttocks on the ground) and prone. One or two hands may be used to hold the revolver. No part of the revolver may touch the barricade. Barricades must be used as cover when used.
TARGETS: One PS 14 target per competitor with PS14A centres used for each match or stage.
SHOOTING DISTANCE: 50, 25, 15 and 10 yards.
RULES: British 1500 Association and NRA of America Rules apply.


Score X
FRANCIS DEVONALD                               Class A 1409 36
SUMIT SINGH                                             Class A 1405 38
KEITH VIDEGRAIN                                    Class A 1376 41
RACHEL LEBACLE                                     Class A 1370 39
BOB DE LA HAYE                                      Class B 1262 22
CHRIS GARBUTT                                       Class B 1198 22
THOMAS MENARD                                   Class B 919 7

Congratulations go out to Francis Devonald for winning the George Blake Trophy and Bob de la Haye for winning the 1500 shield.

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