Black Powder Pistol Competition 2021

On Sunday 27th June we held the Black Powder Pistol Competition for the Mick Radcliffe Memorial Trophy.

Targets:    International 50 metre UIT/ PL7 Targets

Distance 25 & 50 Metres

Best 10 from 13 shots per practice, 50% over the line to count high, (MLAGB rules apply)

Course of fire:  Practice1: 25 Metre Revolver

Practice 2: 25m Revolver

Practice 3: 50 Metre Revolver

Practice 4: 50 Metre Revolver

Time Limit: 30 minutes per practice.


This year saw seven entrants, all keen to get their hands on this trophy.


The Results:

Competitor                     25m      25m         Total             50m       50m     Total      Grand Total

  1.  Sumit Singh                   91           79            170              51          44        95            265

2.  Mike White                     87        Retired from match

3.  Martin Mallet                  71        Retired from match

4. Charles Towers                62        Retired from match

5. Peter La Folley                 61        Retired from match

6. Chris Clark                       52        Retired from match

7. Gareth Callen                   16        Retired from match

It was such a shame to see so many entrants retire due to unforeseen circumstances, lets hope they have a better time at next years event. Congratulations go out to Sumit Singh this years winner of the Mick Radcliffe Memorial Trophy.

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