Man v Man Competition

On Saturday 17th July 2021 we held our Man v Man Competition on the JPC 50m range.

The weather was ideal and six competitors turned out to try their luck at this event.

Distance: Targets are set out at any distance from 10m- 50m

Course of fire: Competitors start from a fixed position, standing back to back, on the command they move to their table pick up their firearm, load and engage their first set of targets, then do a compulsory reload and engage the final target, knock it down to win. Even though it sounds relatively easy, it can slip one’s mind and forget the procedure. If this happens unfortunately your opponent wins. Magazines and speed-loaders must be loaded with six rounds only.

The Results:

1st Place   Ben Videgrain       5 Points     Winner of the Martin Cardy Trophy

2nd Place  Keith Videgrain     3 Points

Joint 3rd Place, Bob De La Haye, Spencer Barr, Sumit Singh    2 Points

4 th Place   Rachel De La Haye  1 Point

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