Long Range Pistol Competition

On Sunday 18/7/21 we held our annual Long Range Pistol Competition on the main range at Crabbe, 100yds.

We were blessed with perfect weather and a slight breeze. Ideal conditions for this competition. Sunscreen was a must.

The competition consists of 2 x 30 shot matches with 5 sighting shots prior to the first detail, Competitors are allowed to use a centrefire pistol or revolver. with a barrel length not exceeding 10 inches chambered for commercially available pistol calibres only .300 to .500 calibre. Targets used were Wessex, one per competitor. There were a total of seven entries, which did include one of our overseas members, all keen to get their hands on the trophy. Who would be this years lucky winner.


Keith Videgrain          110               105         215       1st       WINNER OF THE CABOT CUP
Ben Videgrain            107               104         211       2nd                                                                      Sumit Singh                96               114         210       3rd
Bob De La Haye          67                 85         152       4th
Francis Devonald         59                 63         122       5th
Mick Flynn                  43                 54          97        6th
Katie Ellis                   17                   6          23        7th

Congratulations go out to this years JPC overall winner Keith Videgrain & Sumit Singh for his win in the JPA event.

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